Den tilsandeede kirkeThe sand-covered church

Lies about 4 km from Skagen town centre and is an obvious choice for a short excursion. It was originally called Skt. Laurentii Kirke and functioned as Skagen’s parish church from the late 1300’s until 1795. At that point it was closed down due to extensive sand drift which caused havoc in the area through more than 200 years and devastated large areas.




















Experiencing Denmark’s most northern point, located about 3 km from the hotel, is a must when visiting Skagen.

Grenen lies about 3 km from Skagen town centre and can be reached by bicycle, by car or by foot. From the parking space at Grenen you may take a ride on “Sandormen” all the way to the tip of Grenen where the two oceans meet, or you may simply enjoy the view from the dunes close by the parking space.





At Fyrbakken in Østerby, a few hundred meters from the hotel, you will find Vippefyret which is a specific type of lighthouse. It was originally built in 1627 and it is the first of its kind in Denmark with an open firewood basket. The lighthouse was in use until 1747 when it was replaced by more modern versions.

Once every year the light of Vippefyret is lit again, and that happens on Midsummer Eve, the 24th of June.


Skagen town centre and harbour

You cannot say you have truly been to Skagen if you have not taken a walk on the harbour and mingled with the sailors and other good people down there.

There is life, ambience and happy days all summer, and especially at the many restaurants which lie scattered out along the quay. Pakhuset is one of the restaurants which are famous for having a great number of open air concerts on its terrace during the summer.

In Skagen town centre you will find a great selection of shops, speciality stores and delicatessen shops. And one of those, which is an attraction of gourmets and gourmands from the entire country, is Slagter Munch, a butchery located at Sct. Laurentii Vej 1.

Furthermore you will find lots of restaurants, cafés and bars in the centre and our receptionists who are acquainted with the place are happy to give advice and tips.


Finally, Skagen is the setting for annual events such as Skagen Festival, The World Ballet by the Sand Covered Church and the MC-rally “Træf på toppen”.

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Gammel Skagen

Take a short trip to Gl. Skagen and have a lunch at one of the restaurants in town or take a walk in the impressive surrounding nature.

A popular tradition in Gl. Skagen is to gather at the Northern Beach to see a spectacular sunset.



In Skagen and the surrounding country you will find a great number of impressive and lengthy sandy beaches.

Sønderstrand: Lies a few hundred meters from the hotel. A broad and inviting sandy beach with Vippefyret standing as a beautiful landmark.

Nordstrand: Experience the at times rough North Sea on this beach at Højen in Gl.Skagen. This is also the place where many people gather to enjoy the view of one of Denmark’s most spectacular sunrises.

Kandestederne: (About 10 km from Skagen) One of Jutland’s, one dares say, most spectacular beaches. And with its wide sandy hills and high dunes it is a popular resort for children as well as adults. (And nudists, since Kandestederne also offers a nudist beach). Furthermore, it is allowed to drive a car on the beach in Kandestederne.

Other activities


Guided city walks

Go for a ”Bunker-walk”, a ”Harbour-walk” or follow the poets’ footprints on one of the Tourist Association’s many guided city walks. For further info see:


Golfklubben Hvide Klit:



Rent a bicycle at for example Skagen Station:


Go horseback riding on Icelandic horses in the dunes, plantations and on the beaches:

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